Our nursing care is all about observance, constant availability, and an individualized attention to detail that strives to establish the industry standard. The comfort of your loved one is paramount at Richview Manor, but that comfort doesn’t end with the physical. Emotional comfort is incredibly important here as well; we understand that with age come certain fears and anxieties that sometimes only require a patient and receptive hand. At Richview Manor our staff members are specifically selected because of their ability to perform incredibly well in both aspects of their role; they are experts in their fields, but compassionate and caring as well.

The clinical services provided by Richview include:

  • Nursing Staff and Personal Service Workers (PSW) on site, at all times of the day
  • Physician is on call at all times of day, with in-house consultations once a week
  • Call bell communication systems and pendants for residents with increased living needs
  • Physician review of medication every 3 months, and a pharmacy consultation of medication every 6 months
  • Access to an ArjoHuntleigh Parker Bath therapeutic spa bath designed to alleviate muscle tension and increase circulation
  • Annual in-house visits from auditory screening specialists, foot care nurses and dentists.
  • By request, we will also establish CCAC programming such as physiotherapy, social worker services, massage therapy, swallowing assessments, speech pathology and a variety of other services
  • Specialized care plans that make the transition from independent living to assisted living easy and smooth

We ensure dedicated service through committed stringent qualification requirements, hardworking committees and dynamic policies, and procedures such as:

  • Requiring that all of our nurses have diplomas from accredited institutions
  • Allowing only regulated staff members, such as Registered Practical Nurses, to administer medication
  • Requiring that all of our PSW’s are certified with the PSW Registry of Ontario
  • Establishing in-house health and safety committee groups that tackle common health issues by looking at trends or patterns and determining how they can be avoided, circumvented or fixed
  • Implementing mandatory and extensive in-house training pertaining to fire safety, public health & infection control, fall prevention and other major health issues for all staff (with optional health and safety seminars offered to residents who are interested in expanding their depth of knowledge about health issues)
  • Licensing under the Retirement Homes Act (RHA) to ensure that staff are following government policy and regulation, and enforcement of these policies by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA)