Suites / Rooms

Your loved one’s suite will feature such things as beautiful golf course views, classic design and style, and an unmatched level of functionality. Suites include a kitchenette with space for a microwave and mini-fridge for light meal preparation, a large sleeping area, and a living area perfect for that weekly game of cards; grandchildren will have always have room to play and spend some quality time during visits. Richview has designed all of our suites to mirror those found in the finest, most relaxing resorts; we’re sure your loved one will feel the same level of calm, and serenity as they would on vacation. All of our rooms feature a state-of-the-art 2-way communication system that can also display information on the menu for that day, weather, and available daily programs and activities.

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There are several other room configurations available.
Please call for additional information and a private tour or viewing.