My mother has been a happy resident of Richview Manor for almost a year. The facility is immaculately kept and has excellent amenities. There is an impressive list of activities on the calendar, which have been thoughtfully arranged in order to appeal to her many varied interests. I have appreciated the encouragement everyone has given my mom to partake in the events and activities they know she will enjoy. The atmosphere at Richview is very positive and supportive. Most importantly, the staff is always kind, attentive and very professional. I am confident that my Mom’s well being is of the utmost concern to everyone at Richview and I am very pleased we chose this wonderful facility. It has given her the opportunity to continue live independently within a safe and caring environment.

Ellen P.

For the past 9 months, my mother has called Richview Manor her home. She is enjoying the beautiful surroundings, the attractive rooms and the delicious meals. She never feels that she is alone, the staff are excellent and the nurses are so loving and caring in every situation that arises. She has made many new friends and is involved with the extended activities, which are available to all the residents. I am so happy that my mother is enjoying her new home.

Lucy P.

Richview is an amazing facility in a great location and, honestly I could not have asked for a better place to live in my senior years. I love that it is right in the middle of all this natural forest land, and the scene is simply amazing. I spend much of my time just sitting on the balcony and enjoy the sun, fresh air and view. The staff members here are very courteous and respectful, and I am always very well taken care of, which really puts me at ease. Apart from this, the food here is amazing, and they really give me a good variety of choices which I love because it means I never have to feel bored with my food. The programs here are amazing as well, there is really always something to do, which is great. I especially love the brainier activities and programs like Up-Words, Rummy and Trivia. Overall, Richview has allowed me to keep my independence and has allowed me to feel at home and at peace.

Berit P.

I have been a resident since December 20th, 2011 and have found that Richview Manor staff have my best interest at heart. The staff in all departments go above and beyond to improve my quality of life. I am very grateful that I moved into Richview Manor.

Ann E.

Richview Manor came to the rescue with respite care when my dad was released from hospital when he needed more care than he would receive at home. Dad then later chose to make Richview Manor his home as he received excellent nursing care and assisted living personal support in such a loving and caring manner.

At Richview Manor my dad is treated as a somebody who is wanted and welcome with warmth, smiles, joy, humour, respect and kindness. He is valued and appreciated for the individual he is and the wonderful staff have become like extended family and friends he looks forward to seeing each day.
I am so grateful to Richview Manor for giving dad such an enriched quality of living and giving me such peace of mind knowing dad can receive no better care and there is no other place he wants to be.

Carol S.

Prior to moving into Richview Manor I thought that, as long as I was standing upright, I would never even think about moving into a retirement residence. After some lonely winters where I was sick of being alone, I decided to take a look without really expecting much. I had looked at a few homes before that all had the same drab and tired look, but when I stepped into Richview I was awestruck by how clean it was and how amazing the view was! At most other retirement homes, you look out your window and you see cars, people and walls, but here you get the most beautiful view of God’s marvelous, changing world; the blue sky to the slight pink of the skyline to the most amazing backyard forest.

More than this, they have excellent staff, that are always friendly and courteous and that have really treated me like a queen. Especially during meal times, I am very impressed with the staff that will come and mingle with us and make sure that we are doing ok. Even the managers, who must be very busy, come around and make sure we’re fine. The food itself is quite excellent and they have a huge variety to pick from and I have nothing but rave reviews.

I love to be out and about doing things so the thing I love most about Richview is that there is always something to do, whether it be clubs or events. Particularly I really enjoy attending aquafit classes, doing arts and crafts at creative expressions and going to the quilting club. Overall, I still feel very independent, being able to walk around and do my own thing, and when I am at home I feel at calm and at ease. I would definitely recommend Richview Manor to anyone who is thinking about going to a retirement home.

Irene M.

The staff at Richview Manor is excellent and they have the utmost respect and consideration for the residents, particularly the Life Enrichment manager and staff, who always make sure we are at ease. We really enjoy the activities and events here and the variety that is offered to us is amazing such as the quilting club, creative expressions and beading. We also enjoy all of the religious services that are available to us, as we like to learn about all denominations; although we are protestant, we enjoy going to communion with Father Larry at the Catholic Mass, as well as asking the Rabbi questions about the Jewish faith. The accommodations are large and spacious and we enjoy the space that they have available as we can bring in our own furniture to make it our own space. Perhaps the most re-assuring part of living here is that, although we are independent living, we can still get care and service from the nursing staff, which is excellent. We feel secure in the fact that we can be independent in our day to day lives but still have the regular care of nurses if we have any concerns or problems. Overall, we really love living here.

Vi & Manda

One of the best things about Richview is that all day there is huge variety of activities and events available to us that, really, there is no excuse not to do something. Even if we don’t participate in everything, we like the options that the Richview have available to us, especially since we both have such different tastes; I (says Ruth) prefer to go to activities such as bridge club, bingo and go out on group outings while my husband (Don) really likes that Richview has large in-house libraries with great books, and on top of this, they also bring in public library books available to everyone for sign out on a weekly basis.

The staff members are great and they will always, regardless of their department, go out of their way to help you out if you need it. We also love that they are considerate of people’s differing needs; I am a diabetic and I really like that they give me desserts that are nice but won’t aggravate my condition, like mixed berries and fruits.

Above all else, we like that we can still be independent but still enjoy the reassurance of knowing that health staff can help us if we do need it, and we have needed it before in the past. We still have a car and come and go when we want, but we really do feel quite at home in our lovely suite.

Don & Ruth

The staff is an excellent bunch of people – they are always very helpful, give you the information you want to know and guide you to where you want to go. The facility is top notch and really lets me do the activities I love to do. I recently have a corrective operation on my knee and I like that Richview offers physical activities that allow me to stay fit without overworking my knee. Because of this I really like that they offer us the Aquafit program, which really takes the pressure off my knee, as well as set me up with great physiotherapists that set up programs that are specific to my needs – both of these have not only kept me fit, but also let me be more confident and at ease with my transition. Other than the physical activities, they also offer a wide range of events and programs that I try to participate in daily, such as bocce, cards and musical events. I like to eat healthy too, so I love that there are always greens and fruits available to me. They are also very accommodating with the free tea, coffee and snacks that are always available – I have never once felt hungry and did not have anything to eat. I am an independent person and I always like to make my own decision – I am thankful that Richview is accommodating to anything and everything that I want and I still feel at home and very independent here.


I have always been treated with the utmost dignity and respect at Richview, and I feel comfortable with all of the staff here – I feel like I can talk to any staff about any of my concerns. The food here is great and I especially love the soups – but I really love all of the options that we have available to us. The portions they give me are always more than enough, and the staff will always bring me more if I want it. Although my heath does not always let me participate in some of the activities, I like that they always have concerts or other less strenuous activities that let me relax. I love having my family and friends visit me whenever they can so I really like that Richview accommodates my family during events, programs and during meals. I do still feel independent, even though I do rely on my daughter at times, but I am calmed by the fact that there are health care workers here that can help me if I need it.


We really love to volunteer at Richview – we really love volunteering in such a happy and homey environment where everyone is kind and helpful. Many people think that this is nothing big, but you would be surprised about how cold and isolated other homes make you feel – both in the way the building looks, as well as in how staff interact with volunteers and residents. As a building Richview is open and airy area with plenty of light, that really invites residents to step out of their rooms and doing things. But truly the warmth of this place comes from the staff; everyone here wants to make the residents feel at home and happy and they take a personal interest in this that transcends their paycheque. To exemplify this, many individuals in the Life Enrichment department often volunteer their free time to go to events and programs if they feel like extra help is needed or if they want to ensure that residents have a good time. One thing we are really impressed about, that we don’t see in other homes that we have been to, is how encouraging and supportive the staff is when it comes to getting the residents to participate in activities. The staff here will actually go to residents and remind them of events, ask them if they want to go and then assisting them to the location if they want it – in many homes, the encouragement does not go beyond posting the event on the calendar. From a volunteer perspective, we like that Richview has so many programs to offer and that we are not restricted to a single program. We really have the freedom to participate in what we want to and so volunteering never feels like a chore or a job, but rather it is a fun experience where we can interact with residents and have a good time.

Gorina & Bruno (Volunteers)

I became interested in moving into Richview while I was visiting a friend who was on respite – after spending some time with her I had become enthralled by the home. I loved how open the place was and all of the wonderful activities and programs that they had to offer, such as cards, bingo and exercise programs. Before Richview, I was at my home with a hired nurse, but I never felt at ease – I was always worried about and stressing over something that really didn’t matter, but at Richview I really felt at ease and without worry. As an assisted living resident I am comforted by the care and the services that they provide. I especially like the security of having a PSW present at night time. More than this, I like that, despite being in assisted living, I can still be independent and enjoy the things I love to do, like having my grandchildren over to play scopa or bake and going to the casino. Overall, I feel free and liberated from the stress of life and I am glad that I will be able to enjoy my retirement.

Magdalena (Assisted Living)

Monsignor Larry, a resident at Richview Manor, remains an active part of the community, as a priest of the Archdiocese of Toronto and Judicial Vicar, where he continues to work daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 p.m. Above this, Monsignor Larry is also the president of the Resident Council and also manages to find the time to host Mass for the residents at Richview every Sunday. Monsignor Larry Bordonaro was recently honoured with the title of Monsignor by Pope Francis Chaplain of His Holiness on April 15th, 2014, for his continued dedication and service to the Church.

“I am happy to call Richview my home. I like that I can be close to my family and not have to worry about meals or housekeeping. The most important aspect of Richview, for me, is the fact that I can make a little community within in the residence and that I have the opportunity to socialize with people – something that I thought was lacking in my condo. It is really great that Richview provides me with so many great programs, like the bridge club, as well as with such a diverse array of services. I am happy to be able to provide Catholic Mass to the residents, but more than this, I am glad that Richview provides services for all the faiths. It is wonderful that I can live in a place that is so welcoming and respecting of all the different faiths and opinions. I still work, despite being in ‘retirement living’ and I want to stress that it is possible for you to stay independent and active even during retirement.”

Monsignor Larry