Just as your parents had a difficult time letting you have your own independent adult life, you might face some similar feelings in approaching it for them. Remember that you craved that independence, and they wanted you to be happy. So, even though it was difficult for both of you, that freedom and independence allowed you both to live more happily. Your relationship got stronger and it grew into a thriving friendship.

So how do you let your parents know that you’re not walking away from them, but in fact, giving them back their independence? The reality is that this is a hard topic, which is why we’ve provided some conversation starters to get the ball rolling:

1. Plant the seed: Mention the idea of retirement living in passing or during a casual conversation. Gauge how your loved one reacts; this will help determine how you should approach the subject going forward.

2. Don’t try to get all of the answers at once: retirement living is a big decision for some, and can make one feel unwanted or disrespected. Make sure that you take it slow and put yourself in your loved one’s shoes.

3. Let them make their own decisions: Your loved one is an adult, and has lived that way for many years. They should have a say in deciding where they’ll live. Remember, respect, patience, and understanding are keys to this type of conversation.

4. Ask around: See if any of your friends or extended family have a parent who lives at Richview Manor. Set up a casual meeting where you can keep the conversation on-track, and let them talk about their experience. Making contact points or friends before entering a new environment could help your loved one with the transition.

5. Call us: Book a lunch, tour, or short-term stay. Sometimes the experience of being at Richview can progress a decision.

Most importantly we want you and your parent/s to understand that Richview Manor does not buy into, or provide “classic” retirement home conditions or lifestyles. This is elevated retirement living and must be looked at as a new lease on life. Is there really any other option when it comes to the happiness of a loved one?