With three daily meals, made fresh, and two nutritious snacks available at our Bistro-Café, Richview provides residents with a surfeit of delicious and nutritious food options. More than this, with a choice of three dishes per meal (with at least one vegetarian option), we ensure that there is always something for everyone. Apart from our daily meals, Richview also hosts a variety of food related programs (such as summer barbecues, resident run cooking clubs and interactive cooking programs with our chefs), that are designed as venues where residents can socialize, participate and have fun.

At Richview, all of our chefs are red-seal certified and our meals are prepared in accordance to Health Canada standards – but truly our attention to detail does not end with just policy. We know that each of our residents has their own unique preferences and health considerations, and so our executive chef, Tamara Coleman, develops each of our meals to be unique, heart-healthy and specific to individual dietary constraints. Likewise, to ensure that all of our residents are content with what is being served, we also have an established resident food committee that meets once a month to field any concerns with the managers.

“We know everyone by name; if there is something they don’t like, we’ll catch it and they won’t get it the next time. If you don’t like onions, you won’t get onions. If you don’t want cucumber in your salad, we’ll remember to leave it out. If you have a nut allergy, we’ll replace those sesame seeds with dried cranberries. We build relationships with the residents and their families - we care about them.” – Gabriela, Sous Chef.

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